Vote for Victor Furman For The
122nd NYS Assembly

My name is Victor Furman, I was born in 1955 in Binghamton NY where I went to Alexandra Hamilton, West Junior Middle School and attended North Country Community College in Saranac NY where I studied Criminology and Psychology. Due to the costs, I was unable to finish, but I have continued to educate myself ever since, attending literally hundreds of community meetings to learn, to speak out and to defend the values I believe this district represents.
I enlisted in the U.S. army in 1972 going 3 years active duty in February 1973 and 3 years on active reserves at the Hillcrest NY Armory receiving my Honorable Discharge in February 1979.

Not For Me, For You


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My Profile Overview

My involvement in politics started when I was just 13 years old. My mother was very involved as a member of the local ICWU [International Chemical Workers Union] and a huge supporter of Robert Kennedy for President. His Presidential Campaign headquarters was as I remember in Downtown Binghamton, where I spent many hours stuffing envelopes for his campaign. The announcement came that he was coming to Binghamton and as the youngest member working his campaign locally, I got to meet him with my mother at the Binghamton Sheraton Hotel.


Later after returning home from the military I became involved with the Adirondacks Acid Rain issue where coal usage was killing our Forrest and lakes. Lake Colby, Lake Flower and Lake Placid as well as Tupper Lake had been effected and as a candidate for Class President at NCCC in the Adirondacks I was involved with students making others aware of the acid rain issues through student events. I remained a member of the democratic party until 1978 when my political views no longer aligned with the party I became Republican in time to vote for #40, Ronald Reagan.
I was hired at IBM where I worked until 2001 ending my career as a Technical Writer being let go when IBM sold to Endicott Interconnects. Before that I worked at Vail Ballou (a book manufacture) Frito Lay and at farming from age 9 until I went into the military.


  • I am Pro-Life
  • fully Support the Second Amendment and am against all new gun laws and taxes.For over 12 Y
  • For over 12 Years I fought for New York’s right to drill for natural Gas and continue the fight.
  • am for landowners rights such as mining gravel and stone, logging, and farming.
  • Bail Reform must be repealed
  • Illegal immigration Green Light laws must be repealed no rewards to criminals
  • Sanctuary Cities and states must not exist at taxpayers expense.
  • Not for certain mandated vaccinations.