Promise This Promise That Vic knows the Truth


I am tired of candidates who promise us Jobs and Lower taxes, are you not awoken to this ploy yet? When a politician from a minority party promises you such things they are talking from the platform at the rear of the barn. Being in the minority all we can do is lap the grease off the floor the majority in the Assembly and Senate, greased slopped as democrats were passing the pork tenderloin to each other, that majority is Democratic. If you want to reclaim NY and turn it republican then you must vote for a proven leader and Republican like Victor Furman for the 122nd. All I can promise you is full transparency and Honesty, this alone will slow if not stop the corruption. I can get like minded republicans to work as a team to get you knowledge of what these proven criminals are doing so as to shame them into doing the right thing publicly. Vote Victor Furman to the 122nd Assembly, NOT FOR ME FOR YOU !!!